Is this a bug? Says I don’t have enough Matic when I definitely do…?

I can’t figure out why I can’t buy this on Uniswap

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5 thoughts on “Is this a bug? Says I don’t have enough Matic when I definitely do…?”

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  2. Check that you have the same compatible network MATIC, and then also check and verify transaction fees.

    If not, you could check your wallet via screener to see if the MATIC is recorded as being stored in your wallet on the native blockchain.

    If both of these pass; issue might be just gas/timings. Attempt a lower amount and try again. ✅

  3. ADDITIONAL// I can see through the picture you seem to have the correct network MATIC, and for the token you’re trying to swap. It’s worth checking if the blockchain native has the assets recorded as actually being in your wallet via a wallet screener as suggested prior.

    If not; just transfer them out and exchange for this coin a different way, likely even using a different exchange. Don’t try to just allow slippage to go like 10% or even more, as you’re just opening the door for MEV bots to cook your transaction.

  4. You have Ethereum based Polygon Matic.

    That’s not the same as Polygon (PoS) based MATIC.

    Hence the insufficient Matic error message.

    Either buy Matic on the Polygon PoS network or Bridge the Ethereum MATIC to polygon PoS.

    Afterwards you’ll be able to swap.

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