Is now a good time to average down on crypto?

I bought crypto seriously for the first time a few days ago before the recent drop (my positions). I just threw another $100 at SHIB, DOGE, BTC, and ETH to make my average lower. This is a good approach right? I feel like crypto in the long run is a good investment as long as you’re comfortable losing it. This looks like a dip to buy in to me. Anyone else?

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  1. Going by historical events, the real bull market hasn’t started until a good few months after the halving.

    This latest All Time Highs happened BEFORE the halving and has the ETFs putting big money in.

    Is it a safe bet to assume another bull cycle after this upcoming halving? Maybe. But don’t expect to see profits in the next few weeks or immediately after the halving.

  2. It pains me that anyone who has less than $100 to throw at this market is spending any amount of it on fucking MEMES and not satoshis.

    In 30 years you’ll look at every penny you spent on these shitcoins with an insane amount of regret.

  3. yeah I guess but just dca like 100 a month so you don’t accidently ruin your life. Also only buy bitcoin everything else is going to fail. Oh and maybe buy pepe too

  4. Volatility is still a thing, both up and down. So you’ll have periods like this where things are down 5, 10, 20%+ in a few days – but also ups if a similar size. I’ve been “in” crypto for about 5 years and just recently consolidated everything into BTC (from ETH, SOL, etc). I have about 2% of my portfolio in crypto and will continue to invest as my portfolio increases in size, but do not plan to sell anytime soon (in Germany so profits are tax free if you hold for a year).

  5. If you’re in it for the long run now is a great time to buy. No one knows anything about the markets, but we can predict: BTC has been rallying, and so have some alts but many have not jumped much yet. I don’t think “alt coin season” has started yet. I also do not think we are in a true bull run yet. I see some big pumps coming during the summer time after the halving.

    May I also suggest you look into some other tokens with good use scenarios? Tokens like AVAX, SOL, Dot, MATIC I think still have ways to grow. Maybe even NEAR

  6. yes, we could go lower.. or we could go higher.. if i had extra cash on the side, i would absolutely be looking to DCA right now. overall i dont see btc going lower then 55k, if it does continue to go lower. NFA im just a rando

  7. > I bought crypto seriously for the first time a few days ago

    > This looks like a dip to buy in to me


    You need to zoom out the chart and then see what a dip really means.

  8. Are you actively trading or investing in the project you believe will be big someday?

  9. Nobody knows what the fuck is going on rn. We didnt expect to hit ATHs before the halving. If miners decide to sell we can tank but i know for dam sure people will buy those dips up knowing ETFs are in it for the long term anyways.


    CAW 🐦‍⬛🔪

  10. Going below the last weeks bottom. The fed isn’t doing any where close to the rate cuts that were priced in.

  11. Its still in a consolidation zone. Haven’t really broke one way or another. Always just BTFD!

  12. You want to sell them to tax loss harvest if your in the US and then immediately buy back. As yes keep DCA until the halving.

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