Is it possible to completely empty a Metamask ETH wallet?

Hi everybody,
I have 4 or 5 Metamask wallets with some ETH on it (each about ~5/6€) and I'm looking for a way to transfer them (all to one account) leaving those accounts totally empty (or at least with few € cent on it left not more)
I've found some post about this (attached here) but I really don't understand how to do this as Metamask always says that funds are not enough so I don't even arrive on the Gas Fees setup page.
In 2023, in the modern technology of Crypto era, and there's no way to empty an account to 0?
I can't believe it 🙂 Thanks to anyone that have an answer!

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  1. Sorry to attach this unrelated question but I’m unable to post this question on the main page:

    Not sure if anyone is going to be able to answer this but 2 days ago I tried to send crypto to my coinbase exchange account, but for some reason it was instead sent to a random wallet. Is there any way to contact a random wallet owner and/or find out which platform the wallet is on? I went to Etherscan and the wallet shows the funds are still sitting there, but have no idea how to contact this person. I wouldn’t post this randomly on Reddit but I don’t know anyone who actively trades crypto let alone has a digital wallet. Any help is appreciated; thanks

  2. Account abstraction will make this much easier.

    The current issue is that an account can only pay for its own txns. If you don’t have enough gas in the account, remaining funds are stuck.

    With account abstraction you could pass control of the accounts you want to clear to a liquidity pool, or smart contract, then push all of the compatible tokens/coins in a single TXN, from gas in a different wallet.

    For the time being, you’d need to catch the network at a slow moment (so gas is low) and manually set gas low enough to clear the remainder.

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