Is Inscriptions now the new order in cryptoverse?

With the launch of AVAV into the inscription ecosystem, the popularity of this activity is becoming overwhelming as more and more people now inscribe on a blockchain to mint brand new tokens giving rise to a whole new token standards like BRC-20, ASC-20, XRC-20, SPL-20 and more.

More people are now attracted to minting new tokens just by inscribing on a blockchain network and has provided a whole new world of earning more income from the crypto space with little fee. Imagine minting a token for a fee as low as $20 before making as much as $1,000 after listing if all goes well just like what it used to be like in the early days of NFT creation and listing.

AVAV – an ASC-20 token, however is fast becoming the most popular inscription on Avalanche network with inscription temporarily halted atm to control the price as it continues to be listed across exchanges like LBank and Bitmart with Bitget also scheduled to list the token after meeting liquidity.

A lil peep into their telegram community shows how vibrant the project is and the token's market potentials.

The question now is could inscriptions be the defining ecosystem of crypto in 2024?

Token link on CMC:

6 thoughts on “Is Inscriptions now the new order in cryptoverse?”

  1. For sure! I also have this bridge called Golden Gate for sale. Are you interested?

  2. With the current trend rn , I believe there’s more growth coming into the community.. hopefully the new listing also has a positive in this

  3. All these are newly standard tokens and I wonder how they manage to whitelist those potential projects amongst all cause if it’s the brand new concept then gonna see massive crowds into the market with similar concepts which will be a challenging task for prominent exchanges to ensure opt-in and recognise most durable projects.

    Projects like AVAV are running with a similar concept and trading in mexc, XT, Bitmart and Lbank with millions of daily trading volumes. CeX like Bitget considering introducing it and bringing some in-hand opportunities for their traders.

  4. Inscriptions on anything other than Bitcoin and Celestia make zero sense. Avax is a smart contract platform use it.

  5. Inscriptions may well be the new order, I’ve seen $AVAV spoken about by a couple of Crypto enthusiasts. There’s quite a lot in the box as you’ve explicitly explained. The scheduled listing seems like it’d propel the crypto to further limelight.

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