Introducing Oasis Odyssey: Join the Epic Loyalty Program!

Greetings, fellow Oasis Network enthusiasts! An exciting announcement awaits as Oasis Network unveils Oasis Odyssey, a groundbreaking loyalty program that takes community engagement to new heights.

Oasis Odyssey invites participants on a thrilling journey where active engagement unlocks exclusive loyalty badges known as Soul Bound Tokens (SBTs). These tokens hold immense value and can be utilized for various community-focused initiatives. Imagine participating in on-chain voting for Community Grants, gaining early access to cutting-edge products in development, exploring exclusive NFT collections, and much more!

The Oasis Network acknowledges the invaluable support of our community in driving our success in Web3. The boundless creativity, passion, and ingenuity displayed by our community make our ecosystem truly exceptional. In gratitude, we introduce Oasis Odyssey to reward the unwavering support and dedication.

Participating in Oasis Odyssey: Rise to the Challenge goes beyond unlocking amazing benefits; it is about fostering fun and engagement within our vibrant community. The program is designed to make your journey exciting and rewarding as you complete quests, earn XP, and level up your experience.

Are you ready to embark on this epic adventure? Seize this incredible opportunity and start your Oasis Odyssey today. Discover all the necessary steps and instructions in our detailed blog article.

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Let the Odyssey begin!

1 thought on “Introducing Oasis Odyssey: Join the Epic Loyalty Program!”

  1. I am especially thrilled with the Oasis Odyssey program where loyalty rewards for top participants will be innovative SBTs. This will see excellent community engagement as the SBTs will be key in the future where the token holders will have their voices heard in community-based initiatives like on-chain voting for Community Grants. That’s so cool. This program, coming soon after Oasis launched the vibrant community resource portal “for the community, by the community” in Oasis Garden, reiterates their commitment to the community.

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