I’m really happy with my trezor

It's arrived to me in new year, it's the cheapest from the market due I live in a third word and I can't afford anything above 60 USD.
Trezor is my first experience with HW, I have some Ethereum there. Should I sell and buy more BTC?
My funds are ok if I change the firmware to BTC-only ?.
The sensation to being my own bank is really empowerfull

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  2. Congrats 🎊💸. Now is time to check market, stay informed and buy some crypto 👌🏻

  3. Im not happy waiting probably 2 months for my trezor… its not even peak season and they already cant keep up with demand…. and adoption of crypto is still in its infancy… so what kind of future does trezor have at this rate

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