I’m at a loss right now, what am I supposed to do

So I want to swap some wrapped eth into matic on the polygon network and it clearly shows that in my balance there is wETH but on the swaps it says I do not have a balance please could someone help

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  1. All transactions require something called GAS, when you use the POLYGON/MATIC Network that means you need MATIC to do anything, your screen shows you have wETH but no MATIC thus you can’t pay the GAS required to convert your wETH back to MATIC, you’ll need to purchase MATIC on an exchange and send it to your MetaMask… make sure you use the right blockchain and sent MATIC on the polygon network not ssomethjing like wMATIC on the ETH network or you’re gonna be in the same situation again.

  2. Could also be that the ‘WETH’ shown in your wallet with a balance is not actually the official WETH and is a scam. Check the contract address of the WETH on your wallet and see if it matches up. 

  3. Don’t swap in metamask, it’s risky. I swapped some AOG in USDC, but got trillions of weird tokens…so it was a scam I sent the rwst to Kucoin and it’s ok.

  4. That is some UI glitch, you probably wont be able to swap until Metamask pushes an update fix. Metamask swap is an aggregator. Just use Uniswap, Sushi, or simply another aggregator, like 1inch instead.

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