If you truly care about the success of Crypto, you need to start educating others on how to not get scammed.

TLDR: Tell everyone you know about every scam related to crypto, especially Pig Butchering. You might save someone from destroying their life by some guy in a hotel-prison in Cambodia that does not care about you or your nanna.

Pig butchering scams thrive because scammers exploit one of the strengths of cryptocurrencies, which is self-custody. It puts the onus of protecting one's money on you, the holder. When you take self-custody, you accept losing all of the fail-safes that banks offer in case of having your money stolen…to a certain extent. Not to mention, giving up the insurance that banks offer. This is not about banks and their pros and cons, so please do not bother responding/commenting on it. I truly do not care. Once your money is sent to a scammer through crypto, it is gone. Seldom do people recover it, but most of the time it is gone.

Anyway, if you truly care, do not talk about crypto itself. Just educate others on the scams revolving around crypto. Cryptos are not a scam inherently, but there are scam coins (rug pulls), which is another story. But in short, crypto is heavily used to scam people.

How to educate them:

  1. Just bring up how pig butchering happens. If they know about it, I guess you don't really need to say anything.
  2. Give them an example. Share videos about pig butchering with everyone that you care about, especially grandparents. And especially people you know who are invested in crypto.
  3. Share videos seeking to educate us on these scams with the most vulnerable people in your life, those who might have a disease such as Alzheimer's or anything else affecting their ability to recall.
  4. And tell them to never trust anyone on the phone. If in doubt, GO TO THE POLICE.

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  2. Be nice if we had a template for pamphlets with a “it may be a scam if..” and you name a few.

  3. Yeah, I did that and started a YouTube Channel unveiling nft scams live with my flat partner. We even made some money out of It. Good old days.

    In the end, people was just looking on making x5, x10, the dramah on the scams and our fights against “developers”; which ended up in us creating the most toxic Crypto-Oprah spanish Channel. We -partner and me- ended Up fighting ourselves due the decaying quality of the show, ending the streams and that boostering my anxiety to the limit.


  4. Don’t buy shit coins, don’t buy meme coins and most especially, do not buy anything on Solana (buy SOL but don’t buy the scam tokens on it chain (which is pretty much all of them)

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