If people who created Buttcoin sub on the day they created it decided to invest $100 in Bitcoin instead that day and not sell, they would have $211k worth of BTC now

So that subreddit which is just a community of BTC and crypto haters was created on 18th of July in 2011.


Looking at the price chart from 2011, back then price of 1 BTC was hovering at $13.16 on that particular day meaning just $100 would get you 7.6 BTC at the time. At current time of writing this, this would be worth about $211k right now. At the peak of Bitcoin back in 2021's bullrun, worth of that would be well over half a million USD.

It's amazing that haters on there are longstanding users, hating for more than 10 years constantly on a thing like Bitcoin and crypto. Imagine hating something so much, calling it a ponzi scheme, a scam etc… for years and see that exact thing you're hating go from few dollars to over $50k, and you still keep hating it over the years being delusional.

50 thoughts on “If people who created Buttcoin sub on the day they created it decided to invest $100 in Bitcoin instead that day and not sell, they would have $211k worth of BTC now”

  1. Buttcoiners be like:

    • I’m glad I didn’t buy bitcoin when it was $100, it’s too risky and volatile.
    • I’m glad I didn’t buy bitcoin when it was $1000, it’s a bubble and a scam.
    • I’m glad I didn’t buy bitcoin when it was $10,000, it’s a Ponzi scheme and a waste of energy.
    • I’m glad I didn’t buy bitcoin when it was $100,000, it’s a fad and a cult.
    • I’m glad I didn’t buy bitcoin when it was $1,000,000, it’s too late and too expensive.
  2. Even if you sold your wife into bandage to buy more bitcoin and bitcoin goes to zero you still won’t be as big as a loser as your average buttcoiner.

    Buttcoiners without a short position are the biggest NPCs kicking.

    Never change fincels.

  3. The problem with a lot of them (I heavily suspect) is that they were more likely selling at that time. From how I’ve seen them talk, it’s roughly half people who’ve never had anything to do with crypto, and half people who got in on a hype cycle, panic sold the next crash, and end up with a monster case of sour grapes.

  4. >they would have $211k worth of BTC now

    That’s not actually as much as I would have predicted.

    I guess it is that extra year, if they could instead buy early 2010, which would have made all the difference.

    A year earlier in 2010 would have seen Bitcoin at $0.30 and the investment turn out to be $9.2m.

  5. If you had the opportunity to invest early in a ponzi scheme and make a bunch of money, but you thought at the time it was a ponzi scheme and knew that it would be taking money from other people, would you do it? That is what you are suggesting here. I don’t agree with them, but they are at least consistent and believe in something. That is worthy of respect. Or do you just want to go through life with everyone agreeing with everything you say and never challenging you?

  6. If they had shorted Bitcoin every time they claimed it would go to $0, they would be over $3 Billion in the red.

  7. Controversial opinion, but we’re also taking the somewhat naive view that those in the buttcoin sub aren’t investing in crypto at all.

    If they were deep enough into crypto discussions in 2011 in order to create a sub, they would have seen a few bullruns by now.

    There will be a significant proportion of that sub who have been invested in that time, and have likely made a killing.

    Just remember, what people say online doesn’t always reflect what they do in real life.

    Everyone tells a different narrative for different reasons.

  8. Posts like this help further demonstrate that crypto is only about number go up and that’s more important than any utility or use case. As long as you can make a profit, that’s what’s truly important.

  9. What’s even funnier is that I think some of them went through this post and downvoted all the comments. It’s just sad…but so funny

  10. If you invested when this episode of Community aired you’d be rich af: https://imgur.com/I228xQn

  11. Hello buttcoiners, 🙋🏽‍♂️. Just a matter of time this thread is over there.

    How ya’ll doing ,its fascinating we’re still going strong. Ouch. Here ya go ☔, shelter yourself from those tears.

  12. Buttcoiners are hilarious.

    When the price is going down they celebrate it and call for Bitcoin’s 474th death.

    When the price is going up they are coping by saying the price is irrelevant because the fundamentals are shit.

  13. You asshats assume we didn’t make money on the run up then ditch it, tulips gonna tulip..

  14. $100 in 2011 was different than $100 now. It had more purchasing power back then

    I also understand why people were against investing in BTC back then. Unlike today where we have many CEX, back then it was more difficult to buy BTC than now

  15. They really entry had a post that “interest in Bitcoin peaked in 2017” and it was based on…get this “how often people used Google to find out what Bitcoin is”

    I commented that only shows people learned what Bitcoin is and stopped asking. As proof, I showed that people googling what the internet is peaked in 2006

    The subreddit banned me for, I guess, being logical

  16. It’s historically not a bad idea to have some sats stashed away just in case it pops😝

  17. People would rather hate than make money. Look at history. If I had been old enough (I was 12 at the time) I would’ve bought some for shits and giggles and not had to go back to work on Monday 😭😭

  18. Sometimes I visit just to read all the salt. lol. It’s one of my reddit guilty pleasures.

  19. Buttcoin is like the guy that said horse and buggy are forever, automobiles are just a fad.

  20. Yet you also did NOT do it so what is your point exactly ? Yet you act like the smartest guy in the room AFTER things happen…

    I can also say that for gold and nobody is a gold hater, look at gold past 10 years….

    You being a hater of crypto haters prove nothing, you just give them fuel…

    Also for this to happen, you would have need to hold until now…
    Most of people even not crypto haters would have sold long ago, just common sense…

  21. From our point of view, your crypto is either 1) a scam or 2) a casino. I lean towards seeing it as a casino, so I won’t judge you for trying to make money from crypto. But I really think the whole space is garbage and that the arguments against crypto are far greater than the arguments for crypto. It is funny coins whose value derives from hype, a negative sum game in which most investors will end up losing money than making profit.

    But keep on thinking we are fools for not getting in early, it just proves our point right this is very close to a decentralized pyramid scheme.

  22. That little story reminds me of a Democrat that has a bad case of TDS the hate is strong. Bullish AF on Trump and Bitcoin.

  23. I love how people have dropped the “I’m here for the tech” meme.

    It’s refreshing.

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