Ideas on how to engrave my 5 shares (Shamir Backup) on metal plates?

Hi everyone here's my situation:
I bought a letter and number stamping kit to engrave my 22 words for my 5 shares (so 110 words in total). Once the metal plates arrived (ordered on amazon: when I tapped with the hammer, the letters were barely visible and the plate deformed (see photo), which is a bit disturbing.

Second problem:
Using the Shamir method as a backup, I have a lot of words to note/stamp (110), so buying specific plates for seed phrase stamping would cost me more than 40USD just for metal plates (metal plate I bought on Amazon: which I'd like to avoid. Knowing that my Trezor Safe 3 wallet has already cost me a little over 130USD with customs fees, the final bill becomes quite high.

Here's the stamping kit I bought:

Do you have any solutions, alternatives, methods, etc. to suggest?

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  2. Bunch of SS washers, dremmel, case of beer. 5 sets of nuts and bolts. And a free evening.

  3. I get the idea of DIY, but if you are going to store a significant amount of money, are out are you don’t want to get ready made solution?

  4. If you’re dead set on using the plates you bought I would say try having a harder surface underneath, stone or similar preferred and just make sure you whack it good and hard, and double check it’s correct before you full send it lol

  5. Waterproof metal geocache containers with waterproof paper inside. Wrapped in clingfilm/foil for even greater protection. Then buried. It’s waterproof,fireproof,bombproof,probably atom bomb proof, and no one will find it. And each one will cost about 5 dollars. (Obviously only recommended for Shamir backup)

    And if it’s found it’ll be though of As an actual geocache. Any flaws in my brilliant plan?

  6. I personally have used a cordless engraving pen on stainless steel business cards as a better choice. I can buy it on taobao for $8, or I see options on amazon for about $13. 

  7. Stamping jig

    Stainless steel washers on a bolt are less obvious and you can record the full word not just the first four characters. And you really should record the full word.

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