I wish I had attended this room back in 2013.

Andreas Antonopoulos explaining about Bitcoin Neutrality when BTC was just around $100.

16 thoughts on “I wish I had attended this room back in 2013.”

  1. What happened to him? He was a superstar during the 2017 bull run but since then has been relatively quiet. Now it’s the Saylor era.

  2. Andreas Antonopoulos

    Put in the time, taught Bitcoin out of the goodness of his heart, not for the love of money, and when he lost/spent his Bitcoin, it came back to him, ten-fold, because he, and Mad Max Keiser, were the first teachers of Bitcoin.

  3. For how ahead of times Andreas was – he didn’t stack much sats around this time. He promoted actual currency use, not bag holding. I believe nowadays he’s worth around 50 million but he had an opportunity to be a multi billionaire.

  4. Quite impressive to realize that this talk could be today with the same accuracy!

  5. He is the Jesus Christ of Bitcoins…preaching hard but few believe..my absolute respect to this gentleman..soaking up every word he talks about Bitcoin cos he is the only one who speaks and preach with utter conviction in the early days with so many powerful and prominent figures shooting down Bitcoins.

  6. Very few people were in the room, but all of them are at least millionaires now.

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