I took out a loan to buy more DOGECOIN, Here we go! (Week 6 Update)

At the time of this post, the current price is oscillating between 12 and 14 cents, a few cents below where I used the loan to purchase 41k more DOGE (18.5 cents).

My total portfolio is in the red by like $40k or so, at this very second I'm typing this.

Remember, altcoins last cycle had a ~60% correction before prices skyrocketed.

I saw a post somewhere that had the projected Fibonacci pattern pushing us anywhere between $3-$6 per coin. I'm just adding here and there, so I ca n get to my 350k DOGE goal, at $3 I'd be the first millionaire in my family. I also plan on giving 10% of my earnings away to my local church, and part of it Imma also give some away in higher education scholarships. STAY FOCUSED!

I made my first payment on the loan last Friday, and overall feel alright, although greener days would be nice. I will continue to add about $20-$50 here or there as my budget permits, in the meantime I'm still 300k DOGE strong over here!

Onto Week 7! HODL!

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