I took out a loan to buy more DOGECOIN, Here we go! (Week 2 Update)

At the time of this post, the current price is around 18.5 cents, a few fractions of a cent where I used the loan to purchase 41k more DOGE.

I'm in the red by like a hundred bucks or so, at this very second I'm typing this. At 18.61 cents, I'll be back in the green as far as the buy-in price from my loan. The monthly payment for the loan is $267, and isn't due until April 26th, my plan is to use my tax return and pay down 2 months ASAP.

I recently added to my position a day ago via converting some BCH I had, and I'm a 1,500 DOGE away from holding 300k DOGE in total. I don't intend on selling anytime soon.

Onto Week 3! HODL!

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  1. Oh my good you’re a dumbass. At least invest in something that isn’t already a Billion + MC. You realize DOGE doesn’t have that much room to grow right?

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