I stupidly lost my ETH by withdrawing via the BSC network

I am Editing this entire post to be a guide for people who find themselves in similar situations.


I withdrew my ETH from Binance using the BSC (BEP-20) network. As a result the ETH did not find it's way into my Trezor wallet, as Trezor does not support BEP-20 tokens.


  1. RELAX
  2. Tell all the “helpful” people trying to scam you to fuck off.
  3. Proceed with the solution.


  1. Find your transaction on Bscscan.com
  2. Make a Metamask account.
  3. Connect your Metamask to BNB Smart Chain.

[Guide on Binance Academy*](https://academy.binance.com/en/articles/connecting-metamask-to-binance-smart-chain)

4) Add WETH token to Metamask.

Click “Import token” and fill the required fields with the information from your transaction found on* bscscan.com or follow this guide.

5) Link your Trezor to your Metamask using the “Connect Hardware Wallet” option.

Confirm your connection with your Trezor PIN.*

* It should then give you a list of HD paths. Use the BIP44 Standard ones. The list should have the public key listed where you wanted to trasnfer your ETH. Select it.*

**If it isn't listed, restart your browser and Trezor app and try again. That worked for me.*

6) Transfer some BNB to your Metamask account to cover gas fees.

7) If everthing has gone well and you've managed to follow the instructions your Metamask account should be linked to the BNB Smart Chain, your Trezor (and the right public address) is linked to your Metamask, you have some BNB and you can see your “missing” ETH in your Metamask under WETH.

8) Now deposit the WETH from Metamask back to Binance.

Choose Deposit in Binance, select Coin = ETH, select network = BSC and Binance will generate a deposit address. Go to Metamask, select “send ETH”, copy paste that deposit address into Metamask, click next, pay your gas fees and if everything went well that “lost” ETH should soon arrive in your Binance account.*

9) Finish up by transfering all the leftover BNB back to your Binance account.

Also check out this Kryptstar Crypto video that helped me!

6 thoughts on “I stupidly lost my ETH by withdrawing via the BSC network”

  1. You shouldn’t be logging your trezor on Metamask with private key login with the pass phrase and it is recoverable

  2. Do you still need help with this? I can guide you on how to go about it for a fee

  3. It’s showing you Ethereum public keys, you almost 100% are using your first wallet, pick the first one. Then when you switch to BSC you’ll see the correct address.

  4. ya, the part of being 100 percent sure, 100 percent of the time, it sux for sure, i have lost money not being 100 percent sure 100 percent of the time.

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