i received unknown transaction from my trezor

i purchase my trezor last year but never really use it. i only bought BTC once but minimum ammount.

just now, i opened it, and realize there was two transaction that i was not aware of.

i received BTC into my trezor, then it immediately sent out the next day. i never know this transaction. how can this happen?

was my wallet hacked?




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  2. You either did something yourself and have forgotten about it, or someone else has access to your wallet. Those are the only options.

  3. Where did you buy the Trezor? Was it direct from Satoshi Labs, or from a local reseller?

    Have you ever for any reason entered your seed words on a PC or phone, or taken a photo of them?

    I can see that you fell for the old “send me your coins and I will send you back double the amount” scam a couple of years ago – during that event, did you have to enter your seed online to “claim” your reward? or did you just send the coins?

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