I logged on to crypto.com for 365 days and got free diamonds every day. The results.

for the people who don't know what it is.

crypto.com has a reward program, for every day you log in you get 1 free diamond.

For example, if you have 25 diamonds you can open a box and get CRO for free.

So I have never paid anything for it, I just have a crypto.com account to farm the free diamonds.

There are bronze, silver, gold and platinum boxes.

I was able to buy a total of 14 mystery boxes and opened them all.

Here you can see my rewards


I got a total of 101.9 CRO.

101.9 CRO = 8.76 $

Do you think it was worth it? Or did I waste my time?

in 1 year there will be an update on how it went. i will use the free CRO and buy other coins. let's see how far i get with free coins.

Edit: I just did this for fun. I am anyways on my Smartphone and it's just 1 click. Probably not worthing it but free coins are free coins?

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50 thoughts on “I logged on to crypto.com for 365 days and got free diamonds every day. The results.”

  1. For 8 Dollars it was for sure not worth it. Your time and attention over one whole year is worth much more than that. 

  2. honestly, thank you for doing this! at least now we know. worth it or not, depends on each person.

  3. Let’s assume this takes you 30 seconds a day: Then this task occupied you for about 3 hours over the last 365 days, resulting in a hourly salary of about 2.88$.

    And while free money is free money, I guess you could have used these 3 hours in a more satisfying or efficient way – at least if the minimum wage is higher than that in your country. This is just a friendly reminder that your time also has value.

  4. Thanks for posting, and indeed calculated into an hour rate this is nothing. But as you say, it is super easy and free money, I do this also everyday and it’t fun to see the results in a year.

  5. Good old days when everybody here was bullish on CRO.

    Keep those and maybe one day we will be bullish again.

  6. All these people saying not worth it probably watched tiktok clips instead.

    Mining BTC wasn’t worth it back in 2013 (or whenever it started).

    30 secs of clicking per day is never a waste of time.

    Good luck with it, hope you’ll make a nice profit.

    I do the same with Sweat, Cannacoin and some other RCP’s.

  7. Crypto.com(CRO) pros & cons with related info are in the collapsed comments below.

  8. What ever happened to that guy who would post in daily about when would Cro hit $2?

  9. I did the same thing but I’ve been going over a year now, I started in December 22 when they introduced it and I haven’t missed a day. I did some of the other one time challenges too so probably got a bunch more diamonds for those, but never got any of the regular ones for trading.

    So far I’ve gotten: 27 silver boxes, 6 bronze and 1 gold box.

  10. I dont think you should buy other coins for 8$

    I would rather keep them and if youre lucky and CRO goes to 1$ you got 100 dollars for free

  11. Could you automate this? Create like 100 acc and let the bot login and claim diamond daily

  12. If the rewards were paid in something like bitcoin that appreciates more maybe it would be worth it. $8 ain’t it.

  13. Cro ath is 0.96$ and it could get back there in the next bull run

    Where do you get the diamonds tho?

  14. Definitely looking forward to the update. Would be funniest if your moonbag performed worse than HODLing CRO

  15. I’m doing the same OP. It’s part of my routine now so it’s a nice little thing to do that relaxes me.

    Except I haven’t kept a record of how much I’ve gotten for doing it.

  16. I didn’t know about this. I have a few CRO staked in the defi app, so if I did this, I would probably just add the earned CRO to that to compound the gains.

  17. If you are living in a third world country it might buy you something useful but otherwise not worth your time, for example I made €44 in Bitcoin after 2 years of using Brave Browser (converted their BAT to BTC) live in Europe so can use that to pay a small bill maybe.

  18. A portion of my BTC is staked and afterc3 months I’ve made a grand total of 69 cents

  19. It’s more efficient to open a stake account and collect your daily dollar. $365/yr

  20. I’m doing the same, but I’m waiting for the new NFTs to come out, if they will release them. I read they sell easy and for more the 8$. If I’ll get tired to wait, I’ll justo get the boxes like you.

  21. And that is it at its current lows. If it goes up to 1.60 each it would sure be worth it. Still worth it now if you ask me

  22. This is such a waste of time. If it was $8 monthly, I would have said maybe, but $8 in a year? You are better off just saving a dollar every month.

  23. >8.76 $
    Do you think it was worth it? Or did I waste my time?

    Depends on your wage. Do you earn $17 an hour? Then your time was wasted if all that took you more than 30 minutes.

  24. $8 after 365 days, i don’t think it is worth it. that won’t even buy me beer. i think the whole idea behind all these diamond accumulation is to attract people to login daily and i think it’s working for many people

  25. There are better free incentives. Maybe they’ll be better in the next bull market, because their credit card was pretty awesome.

    Brave browser will give you BAT for having a couple of pop-ups every hour that you’re active on their browser. It’s completely passive.

    There’s also Shakepay, which gives you BTC (up to 1000 sats per day based on your streak) for opening their app and shaking your phone.

  26. I love posts like this. It was more interesting than most posts in this sub. Please update in 1 year and show your new Lambo.

  27. Everyone wastes time on their phone and gets nothing for it. But you’ll have to report that on your taxes so I would say it’s not worth the trouble.

  28. You could make more doing the rewards on Coinbase . Earned $9 of Zeta, took 2 mins .

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