I learned to code and built a crypto analytics platform with literally half of tools about Bitcoin (they also censored me on r/bitcoin)

Hey everyone!

I am an enthusiast trader and a year ago I had this idea to create a free-to-use website that would feature all the most essential and useful tools/calculators that traders and investors use on a daily basis.


Website: https://www.tradingdigits.io/

So I learned to code and created it, which took me 12 months. The first couple of sections were made by a developer that I hired whilst I was learning programming, but these days I code all new features myself. Here are the most interesting ones.

Satoshi Calculator: Calculate SAT to USD and vice versa but also SAT to altcoins in real time

ETH Gas & BTC Fees: Real-time Ethereum gas tracker and Bitcoin transaction fee tracker on one page

Position Size Calculator (beta): Calculate spot, long, or short trades with risk management

Market Cap Calculator: Find out what the price of one coin would be if it had the market cap of any other coin

BTC Fear and Greed Index: Current Bitcoin Fear & Greed index as well as analytics on its averaged monthly performance since 2018

BTC/ETH Returns: Historical performance analytics for monthly and quarterly Bitcoin and Ethereum returns

Bitcoin Halving: 2024 Bitcoin halving countdown as well as detailed analytics on past halvings

Other self-explicative tools include BTC/DXY/SPX +, Funding Rates, Exchanges & Fees, Cost Averaging (DCA) calculator, Percentage calculator, Stablecoin Peg, Economic Calendar, CME Gap, and BTC Dominance.

I’m actively working on the project and in the following months I will release a huge update that will feature a renewed interface and access to real time on chain data and analytics.

If there are some other Bitcoin analytics tools or calculators that you'd like to see on the website please let me know and I'll include it in the list of the new features to add to the website.

Any feedback and your opinions would be highly appreciated. Feel free to ask any questions and thanks a lot for reading this, it means a lot to me.

8 thoughts on “I learned to code and built a crypto analytics platform with literally half of tools about Bitcoin (they also censored me on r/bitcoin)”

  1. What resources did you use to learn your coding skills? This is super inspirational

  2. thank you very much, I love these and one day when I don’t suck at web frameworks anymore I’ll be able to do what you’ve done. don’t feel too bad about being censored over there, they are insane and it doesn’t matter.

  3. Well done. Great job with this. Just curious which API you are retrieving the BTC data with?

  4. some feedback I’d like to give you is on the gas fees page. you have a very simplified version that makes assumptions about what the user is doing. the numbers won’t be accurate if the user is on L2, if they are doing a complicated swap instead of a simple send, or if they are consuming a lot of UTXOs. something like this at the very least shows the breakdown of simple sends and simple swaps across multiple networks, which these days is a more realistic representation of what ordinary people actually do.

    one thing I wanted to do with my project is snapshot the fee estimations hourly and store them in a database, then display a daily average over time for the different types of transactions that people do. this would go beyond what a lot of block explorers do. they just put all transactions into the same bucket even if they are all very different.

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