I just plugged in my Model T and it wants to INSTALL FIRMWARE

I didn't download anything, this screen just came up by itself. Is it safe? (yes I have my seedphrase backed up)


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  2. I clicked REBOOT (no install) and a dropdown option, and no prompt this time.

    I went into suite and I see it’s already updated without me clicking INSTALL FIRMWARE.


    What’s happening – why did I have that prompt to install new firmware?

  3. You put it in bootloader mode. On the Model T this is done by a downward swipe on the screen when plugging it in. You absolutely can do this on accident.

    Just select “reboot” in the menu, you’re fine.

  4. Just an FYI, Trezor does occasionally update the firmware. So, you should not be afraid to allow that to happen.

    Once you have the unit booted and you’re in the app, there is also a button for updating the firmware. It will check to see if you’re running an old version and prompt you to do the update.

    They have never made the update mandatory (that I know of). But, for me, I do check every now and then. I do updates when the new stuff is available.

  5. Check your settings in Trezor app, may have auto updates on. Don’t stress it’s all normal

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