I have created a sentiment analysis tool

For the past two years I have been creating a platform that aggregates data regarding sentiment in the cryptocurrency market. I am trying to make it look professional, however, it is still an after-hours project. We are creating it in two people with my colleague, at the same time working full time.

I'm taking the liberty of sharing it here because I haven't added any monetisation yet – everything can be used for free.

What does the project deliver

I analyse all platforms – 4chan, reddit, telegram groups, discord groups, twitter, youtube, news – directly from various countries including more widely in Asia. Every thread and speech is analysed in relation to the coins, the sentiment of the threads and the statements for each coin are counted.

For each coin there is a live monitoring of appearances on each platform, displaying the latest news and most popular tweets from top accounts list.Additionally, all posts that mention a particular coin on Reddit, Twitter/X or 4chan are listed.


AI part

Each news item is analysed by a text model, a summary is generated. We have data on what the sentiment of the news is on a given day, what coins are being discussed and so on.There are separate scrapers for the Chinese, Japanese, Korean markets. Chinese articles are scaned and searched by baidu.cn, each article is analysed separately, with the AI text model solving the language barrier problem.


The platform provide exposure to information from Asian markets beyond the language barrier.

Data collection is subject to compression, we extend the text model with a layer in which the data is compressed, so that in the next iteration far more data can be packed into it than would normally be the case. This provides summaries of news and youtube videos from around the world. You can get a pill of information.


This gives the model access to the latest data with exponentially increased data limits and access to historical and current data. This is how we generate summaries for a period of a day or more, what was happening in the English-speaking, Chinese market.


In addition, it is possible to view sorted coins according to the highest mention count, sentiment, and there is a bubbles chart with highest sentiment.I would like to add the option that, based on the portfolio, the project provides an assistant that shows what is written about the portfolio coins on X and other platforms, what its sentiment is and shows similar coins to buy and informs about the moment to sell.



Now the big question – does it help make money?

Already testing the data in earnest since the beginning of the year, the platform showed coins before their increases such as

$LINU x30


$SOLAMA – x12

Not many people are using the platform yet. If anyone wants to test it – you can register for free – there is a link to the discord on check-your-bags.com – there the bot is giving away beta keys. There is a limit of keys, due to the performance of the cloud infrastucture – it costs quite a lot, so I don't have a high package.


I would be very grateful for feedback on whether the project has potential, makes sense and whether you think it will help make money in the market.

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  1. Why don’t you and your friends test this yourself then if you have success with it you can present it to a broader online audience as a working and effective product

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