I gave away over a $1,000,000 in BTC with my Minecraft server



I previously owned a Minecraft-faucet server in 2015-2016, where you would earn bitcoins by playing, and recently I have found my backups and decided to see how many BTC I gave away. Turns out it's close to a million (this is one of multiple wallets that I have used).

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6 thoughts on “I gave away over a $1,000,000 in BTC with my Minecraft server”

  1. love these stories people have been sharing. i wish we could archive all of these posts – the opposite to the boomer “i paid 75 cents for a big mac back in my day”. 

  2. Thats awesome. There are some threads here from way back where doods are basically giving away millions…

    Many accounts since then have been deactivated. Im assuming theyre all on yachts in Monaco or some shit lol.

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