I did something… I love it

The average simpleton taking their first bite into the world of BTC

39 thoughts on “I did something… I love it”

  1. I like how most people that have bitcoin are modern and don’t hate on tattoos like geezers do

  2. If you made millions from bitcoins than this is valid but if you didn’t than you are a weirdo

  3. People here loving the tatt when I can think of is that ‘simpleton’ is correct because he’s now telling people in close proximity that he owns bitcoin 😬

  4. Haha very nice! Nice to see something fresh in this sub instead of price talk only. 

  5. HOMER SIMPSON SOUNDBOARD — https://deercowboy.com/soundboard/homer-simpson

  6. Hahah nice. Fits perfect with this bitcoin Halving explanation https://www.reddit.com/r/Bitcoin/s/D9oSPSpfau

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