I bought a trezor t from amazon……

I bought a new Trezor T directly from amazon, and everything looks legit……

But whilst pulling the trezor sticker covering the usb port, the case came apart.

On inspection there isnt any glue holding the two plastic parts together, and i cannot see any clips…..

I need to use this trezor asap hence why i bought it from amazon…..

But I'm not happy, these trezors cost a lot of money to buy, and its already falling apart.


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  2. Only buy from the official Trezor website. Any other option is a security risk.

    Never buy a Trezor from an unauthorized third party, as you can never tell who may have had access to it before you.

  3. 1- You used a lot of force when opening it and you broke it
    2- Unit with manufacturing defect
    3- Counterfeit device

    Could you please upload a photo of the inside? Amazon is not a safe place to buy a wallet.

  4. Buy from Trezor.io
    As everyone says “don’t buy Your wallets from third party”

  5. Was the Amazon store by Trezor themselves? If not – this might be a setup.
    Selling fake and tampered with units happens. Often they wait 6 to 24 months after selling it and then take all the crypto in the wallet.

  6. You always need to buy hardware wallets directly from the company. Go to trezor.io and buy it from the company. You cannot trust this Trezor and it has clearly been tampered with.

  7. Could be a manufacture error, hence the lack of glue.
    But I’d open a ticket at support and send it back.

  8. Don’t use it if it’s not from the trezor.io official site. You will be drained by a 3rd party otherwise

  9. Bought mine from the official Trezor store on Amazon, I’m in the Uk.
    Mine fell apart after it fell all of 15cm as the magnet wasn’t strong enough to hold it on the side of my pc for very long.
    I was told by Trezor support it’s fine and to continue using it, also told by other users to just glue it back together, it’s still working.

  10. Bro I’m sorry, but throw that shit away. A lot of people come here and complain about this or that. And they’re over reacting. But a trezor you didn’t buy from their website that is falling apart is just asking for problems. Only buy from Trezor and keep your seed aka recovery phrase safe. Don’t take a digital picture of it.

    This is a very annoying set back, but you’ll recover. God speed.

  11. I’m not sure Trezor or any other hardware wallet is the answer right now. From what I’ve seen first hand, I’ll stick to making my own wallet with the open source bitcoin software. Things just aren’t adding up and people are getting fucked. No need to over complicate things.

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