I always thought these were really cool, to own and actually hold your btc in the palm of your hand.

This is a 2013 Lealana 0.5 btc coin. You are able to go to the Blockchain and type in the first bits.(which are the first eight characters of the public address.) and it will confirm how much is loaded on the coin. Then if you want to move the funds, you peel the tamper proof hologram and underneath the hologram is the private keys. These coins are known to bring tens of thousands of dollars over spot price, I think one day they will be like the Babe Ruth rookie cards of the bitcoin world. Being that they get more and more scarce, as people peel them to extract the funds.

Current auction of one: https://coins.ha.com/itm/cryptocurrency/cryptocurrency-lealana-silver-proof-loaded-unredeemed-05-bitcoin-btc-2013-pr68-deep-cameo-pcgs-/a/65177-98050.s

22 thoughts on “I always thought these were really cool, to own and actually hold your btc in the palm of your hand.”

  1. I don’t want to be a party pooper, but you’re not “holding your BTC in the palm of your hand”. Your BTC are on the blockchain, like everyone else’s. With this you’re just holding a fancy vessel containing your private keys, pretty much the same as your phone (if you use a hot wallet) or your hardware wallet.

    This is a nice collector’s item, but I’d rather buy more sats at the same price than pay a premium for the fancy vessel.

  2. While this is nice, I would not trust it no matter how much trust those companies have.

    To produce those coins, they must have stored the private key somewhere (at least for the time of production), but we don’t really know how much security was applied there and that the private keys were actually properly deleted

  3. Looks like one of those fancy slammers the rich kid had when pogs were a thing

    Pogs should come back

  4. Here is the master list from one of the largest auction houses in the country showing over 1200 physical bitcoin items that were sold with their sale price.

    Link: https://archive.stacksbowers.com/?q=92ec57a5-3780-45b1-830f-712de452c907

  5. An OpenDime or SATScard accomplishes the same thing. Maybe not quite as cool to look at.

  6. Cant believe these aren’t worth millions already, very limited. best of luck on your auction

  7. If you want money you can hold in your hand, just embrace your inner (or outer) boomer and buy gold.

    Bitcoin has advanced beyond physical money. Money was never really a physical thing, we just represented it that way because we didn’t have a better way. Money was always information: it’s a proof that you are owed. Physical things used to carry that proof, but were relatively easy to counterfeit. Now we have far superior technology to carry this communication.

  8. I would never trust it. Someone has those private keys. Those are not your keys. So by extension not your crypto.

    But cool coin.

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