How to Boost Your Rewards: Unveiling PancakeSwap’s Latest Campaigns and Features on Aptos!

Welcome to the world of Aptos PancakeSwap! This guide will navigate you through the latest features and opportunities, ensuring you optimize your trading and liquidity-providing endeavors. Whether you're a newcomer or a DeFi veteran, there's valuable insight here for all.

1. Simplified Swaps: Fixed Fees for V2

Say goodbye to complex fee structures! PancakeSwap introduces fixed fees for v2 Swaps on Aptos, ensuring every trade incurs a straightforward 0.25% fee. No more hassle of calculating different fee tiers—make your trading experience seamless and efficient.

2. Earn from Liquidity Pools

Maximize your earnings by providing liquidity to various pools on PancakeSwap. With a fixed 0.25% fee charged for each swap in each Exchange v2 liquidity pool, 0.17% is returned to the liquidity pool as trading fees. This system rewards liquidity providers and ensures fair fee distribution.

3. Bridging Made Easy

Effortlessly bridge CAKE to Aptos using the PancakeSwap CAKE Bridge. Follow the step-by-step guide provided for smooth transitions.

4. Expand Your Options: Bridge From Other Tokens and Chains

Utilize platforms like LayerZero, Celer cBridge, Wormhole, Alexar, and Stargate to bridge other tokens and chains to Aptos, enhancing your opportunities on the Aptos chain.

5. Boost Your Earnings with Farms

Stake your Aptos LP tokens on PancakeSwap Farms to earn additional yield farming rewards. Choose from various pools like CAKE-APT and CAKE-lzUSDC to increase your yield and support ecosystem liquidity and stability.

What's New on Aptos PancakeSwap?

Dual Incentives Reward: since January 2024, PancakeSwap has launched a dual incentives reward to celebrate its one-year deployment milestone on Aptos. Stake your Aptos LP tokens in PancakeSwap 15+ Farms to earn both CAKE and APT, more info here.

OKX Aptos DeFi Season: Partnered with OKX, PancakeSwap offers additional bonus APY of up to 15% by staking Aptos LP tokens on PancakeSwap via OKX Wallet.

Aptos PancakeSwap Milestones

Since deployment on Aptos 1.5 years ago, significant achievements include $650M cumulative volume, $18M total value locked (TVL), and 588K total active wallets.

Join Us on Aptos

Explore the dynamic DeFi landscape on Aptos PancakeSwap. Benefit from fixed fees, LP rewards, and seamless asset bridging. Stay tuned for more updates to enrich your DeFi journey.

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