How are you earning in crypto space?

I am curious how are you earning in crypto and which services are you using, if any? I will list here everything that I used so far, looking forward to hearing your feedback…

The biggest portion of my earnings comes from just hodling, been in this space since late 2017, and still have ETH from 750$ per coin, and BTC from 3k per coin. I don't know trading, never understood charts and from my perspective I have true admiration for people who trade daily… Previous bull run, I used to stake UTK (now xMoney) and BNB, didn't go so well, in fact I even managed to lose BNB from that wallet, not sure how, though. After that, I moved to staking DOT and ACH, not happy with the gains since they dipped badly.

Entire 2023 I staked CVX and used my right to vote for proposals, earned a bit of FXS and USDC there, but nothing significant.

At the moment, I am exploring DAOs, and in all honesty, it is going well compared to staking but not as good as hodling. Using MKR to vote on MakerDAO platform, but not for all proposals. Sometimes I delegate my right to other reputable individuals. Also I am on DIA DAO, smaller community compared to Maker, but earnings are bigger although proportionally I hold the same amounts. 2 years ago I tried Compound also, but earnings weren't that good, didn't follow them lately.

So, there you have my passive income history. What's yours?

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