Hidden Charges when buying a Trezor Wallet in Canada, directly from the Trezor website.

I bought a Trezor Safe 3 directly from the Trezor website. The unit was $79US + $20US for shipping, which totalled $139.01 Canadian. Now they want an additional $30 so that it clears customs. That's a total of $172 Canadian dollars.

Meanwhile, the unit after tax sells for only $120.91(free shipping) from their Amazon store but in their videos they say to only order from their website but on Reddit they tell you their Canadian Amazon store is a reseller https://trezor.io/resellers.

That's a $52 price difference. What a rip-off.

I didn't have this issue when I bought the Ledger 4 years ago directly from the Ledger website.

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  2. https://www.simplyduty.com/import-calculator/

    Seemed to track duties, but I don’t know which state / providence in Canada you ordered from. Insane difference from one state to another there.

    > I didn’t have this issue when I bought the Ledger 4 years ago directly from the Ledger website.

    France to Canada might have different duties. There may also have been changes in taxes in the last 4 years in your nation or state. I don’t follow Canada politics much.

  3. There’s always some risks with resellers so your taking that chance buying from Amazon. The import duty isn’t collected by Trezor so I don’t understand why your pissed at the company.

  4. I didn’t pay for customs and I bought a brand new Trezor Safe 3 like a month ago.

  5. Ledger, Trezor – basically all these cold wallet sellers encourage customers to buy direct!

    The main / ONLY reason is so they don’t have to pay extra $$ to Amazon for their service.

    But then, it won’t be cheaper and almost always, it actually costs a lot more + custom fees in some countries – as you learned the hard way.

    I have bought 7 x Ledger and 2 x Safe 3 (for now!) from Amazon and always make sure the SELLER is Ledger / Trezor etc etc.

    If I get one open or broken seal, back to Amazon the minute I receive it.

    8+ years – no problem – and NO risk!

    Around these subs, there are a few who keep mumbling -> buy direct – buy direct! They are either employed by their respected companies – or just … well …. clueless!

    P.S. Sometimes, it’s not possible to find certain items on Amazon! Like Bitkey wallet which I had to buy direct but they confirmed exact cost for custom fee and included it with total.

    I was impressed with their online store – and very fast shipping, less than 3 days and no drama – no email or call from courier asking for $$.

    FWIW, I was only curious how this latest cold wallet with support by J.D. would behave!

    Took me less than 24 hours to come to conclusion that it is unsafe and it sucks!

  6. Yea buddy taxes suck. I also ordered trezor in Canda through the official site and had to pay $32 for customs clearance.

  7. Those are taxes from your government, not a penalty for being Canadian by Trezor. All of your goods have that. Your phone, your laptop, everything not made in Canada has a hidden fee. The only difference is that Trezor shows it vs increasing the price and hiding it. That’s why so many Canadians shop in America.

  8. Your country issues tariffs, not companies.

    Ask Mr.Trudeau why it costs so much to import a widely acknowledged piece of equipment that is the size of a potato chip, and weighs as much, that is electronic and sealed intrinsically.

    I had the exact same issue with my trezor, and the exact same experience with my ledger

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