Hey Trezor, why does your software ask for my seed phrase?

After downloading the Trezor Suite software from trezor.io (I triple checked the domain) I open the app and it immediately crashes, displaying the following in two new windows.


This looks like a scam software that is somehow piggybacking the legitimate version.

I didn't enter any seed phrases off course, but has anyone else seen this?

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4 thoughts on “Hey Trezor, why does your software ask for my seed phrase?”

  1. Please bear in mind that no one from the Trezor team would send you a private message first.
    If you want to discuss a sensitive issue, we suggest contacting our Support team via the Troubleshooter: https://trezor.io/support/

    No one from the Trezor team (Reddit mods, Support agents, etc) would ever ask for your recovery seed!
    Beware of scams and phishings: https://blog.trezor.io/recognize-and-avoid-phishing-ef0948698aec

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  2. Hahaha oh man. Ya that’s a total scam. Good job not putting in your seed. Always download from there official website and use gpg to verify that that download is authentic. Best of luck buddy. You dodged a bullet

  3. > Hey Trezor, why does your software ask for my seed phrase?


    That’s a scam, which means you should know better than to blame it on Trezor.

    That being said, Trezor (and all hardware wallet makers) need to do a better job of helping users figure out if an app is a scam. I think every hardware wallet should come with a card that has a QR code to lead users to the real software.

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