help with nfts

i have hidden nfts in my opensea. which are connected to my metamask wallet (what does hidden mean btw). i connected my wallet to my instagram and all the nfts appear. but when i go to my metamask wallet they dont seem to appear ive tried everything to make them appear because i want to send some over to my binance account. also can someone help with changing my opensea name and profile picture?

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2 thoughts on “help with nfts”

  1. Be SUPER careful interacting with hidden NFTs. Scammers will try to send NFTs to your address, to get you to sign and interact with the contract which is malicious or will try to get you to visit a malicious site.

    Do you recognize any of these NFTs in your hidden folder as ones you have bought and know are safe? If not, ignore them.

  2. You should be careful and don’t interact with them and I’ll advise burning

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