Help with identifying the right network to use when withdrawing please

Hi, I have been using for buying s few different random coins. I recently bought a Trezor Safe 3 and now want to start to move some crypto to cold storage. The bitcoin, sol etc seem easy enough but i cant seem to find out which network to use for my other smaller tokens and coins – for example Dogwif, Near protocal etc. Is there a list somewhere that explains which network to use for each coin or can someone let me know how to identify please. Thanks for helping someone who is just starting out on this journey and doesnt want to loose any crypto by using the wrong network!

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  2. I use both Trezor and, but I only deal in BTC. Hopefully someone else can answer you, better make sure Trezor supports all your odd coins, they don’t support everything.

  3. All you have to do is research online which coin/tokens are on what chain.

    Dogwif is on solana, so that is supported on Trezor… on Solana.

    Near is it’s own chain, and not supported on Trezor, unless there is some way of using it as a token on another chain, again google it.

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