Help was my ledger hacked?! Could use detective help + advice

My ledger is in a safety deposit box, but I just checked ledger live and all my polygon is gone…

Transaction ID: 0x8f6cf561a525426c951daeb58312fb5c6599e416bb82da653d1696a35f04b1e3

To: 0x5d297D7A7AcC1491629C0fD073A54e1c774E6Fc9

I can see that the “hacker” immediately turned around and transferred it to Fixed Float (

Am I missing anything?! Again the ledger was never accessible.

7 thoughts on “Help was my ledger hacked?! Could use detective help + advice”

  1. There are only 3 options.

    1. You typed your seedphrase into an electronic device or stored your seed electronically.

    2. Someone got ahold of your seed phrase physically.

    3. You signed a malicious contract that allowed access to your funds.

  2. You have no active smart contracts approval on your polygon address, and since your ledger is securely secured, someone just got your seed phrase.

    Did you save a digital copy on your computer or smartphone? There are male wares that are specialised on finding wallet/seed infos/phrases to get your funds

    Or do you have any paper copy of your seed Someone could have stolen/accessed

  3. Your ledger device in a safe deposit box or a safe is useless (assuming they don’t know your pin and have access to your ledger live account) The seed phrase is the only thing that matters

  4. Dauuumn. Some has been depositing nft into mine…mine is also in a Faraday deposit box. Someone has been doing for two months now…its crazy. Nothing has been taken crossing fingers…

  5. I’m sorry to hear you’re having this experience u/Disastrous_Archer_14, cases of stolen funds are never easy to process.

    Importantly, apart from malicious smart contract signatures, there are only 2 ways to remove funds from a Ledger device:

    1. Access to the physical Ledger device (and knowledge of the PIN).
    2. Knowledge of the 24 word recovery phrase.

    If nobody has had any physical access to your Ledger device, then we must assume that the 24 word recovery phrase has been compromised – or was compromised at some point in time – again you have my apologies.

    There are fake instances of Ledger Live out there that impersonate the software, however they’ll prompt users into mistakenly entering their 24 word recovery phrase into the application (and this is how their recovery phrases are compromised).

    For reference we have an official Ledger Live download link, here.

    Remember Ledger Live will never ask users for their 24 word recovery phrase under any circumstances whatsoever. In fact if you see something any resembling this, then you know it’s a scam.

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