Help us secure our place in r/place! Everyone on the final canvas will get 50 MOONs!

Hello r/CryptoCurrency community!

r/place has started again this year, and we need to work to make sure that r/CryptoCurrency and MOONs are represented!

To help with planning, please:

  1. Join our official Discord
  2. Join the Main Stage

We have started placing pixels around (469, -112).

If you end up on the final canvas of r/place in a way that contributes to the community design, you will get 50 MOONs!


50 thoughts on “Help us secure our place in r/place! Everyone on the final canvas will get 50 MOONs!”

  1. I remember one of these like a year back or more. Someone made a truce with the neighboring section to not fight and we both win. Offer up my Moons on our behalf. Going to bed as we drive 5 hrs to a concert.

  2. Hey everyone, I am coming over from the band of the hawk discord. We did most of the Berserk art from last years r/Place. I just wanted to let you guys know that we exist. if you guys want to create an alliance or make an understanding of grounds. The Brand of Sacrifice to the right of your art is not us. that is a separate subreddit, r/Berserklejerk. I cannot vouch for them at all. We are above you guys.

    If someone wants to DM me, to help coordinate things a bit easier by all means!

  3. You guys are amazing. I’m shocked you’ve managed to hold back the Red spider demon.

  4. So how long does this thing go on? If it’s overnight who is going to hold our spot?

  5. Hodlers! Hold the line! Fight back and turn back the tides of the Red Skull! Together we are strong!

  6. Fellow moon pixel-ers – it has been a pleasure serving with you this evening. I’ll fire off a couple more, then I will be off to bed – cause I still don’t have enough moons to quit my job 😉

  7. Seems like we’re not really sticking to the template well. We should be defending the template and only the template, no?

  8. Will the distribution be for anyone who tried to hold the line or just people who are in the final pixel spot when they take the snapshot?

  9. Bottom right corner is rough!

    As soon as I place my pixel dowm it gets Uno reversed!

    I will not give up!

  10. The spider is putting up a fight but what it doesnt realize is I have no life and this is becoming personal!

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