Help. The swap has not been working for a week. Couldn’t find this case anywhere

It doesn't show the other side. The swap button never gets active.

Balances are fine, but the tokens on the right are not loading.

“Fetching best price…” is blinking once in a while, but nothing happens.

The screenshot is from a desktop, but it doesn't show the other side also in browsers on the phone without Metamask being connected. I used to check the price there. I tried mobile internet and wifi on 2 cell phones.

Would be very thankful for any advice.

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3 thoughts on “Help. The swap has not been working for a week. Couldn’t find this case anywhere”

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  2. I also made a swap earlier today for a token. The swap went through but I only got like less than 10% of the $250 worth of tokens I paid for. Can somebody please help me so I don’t make the same mistake

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