HELP – Model T just arrived, should I be sceptical of this USB fit?

Setting up new model T. Thoroughly inspected package and hologram seal, no evidence of tamper. I connect to my computer and the USB keeps popping out. Like it's not a snug fit, and it cause a disconnect/device shutoff. Overreacting?

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  2. It doesn’t appear to be going all the way in? Can you put extra pressure on it until it ‘clicks’ in? The Seal hasn’t been removed, is there part of it in the usb-c hole causing a blockage?

  3. The USB-C cable should click like this when pushed in with enough force, if it doesn’t your device is defective.

  4. Yeah, mine needs a “click” to be fully connected. It’s more sturdy than you think.

  5. You need to push it further in until no silver is visible. It’s a really snug fit and may require 2-3 pounds of force.

  6. Thanks everyone, the cable was faulty. No amount of pressure made it fit in snugly. I switched to a phone charger cable which required me to press firmly and it definitely clicked into place.

  7. You are not going to enjoy life to its fullest – if you always so gentle pushing things in!

  8. > It’s the cable

    Should be on our sticky. “Yes… I’m not joking… your cable is bad”. So many rage-quit over a $5 cable. I fail to understand.

  9. Trezor is the worst when it comes to cables that come with it. My USB was a bit like that, but it still went in with enough force. But the cable wouldn’t work anyway. the computer recognized it on and off, so I used a different cable (one from Bose) which was of high quality and it worked well all the time.

  10. My Trezor also never worked with the USB cable included. I had to use a different one.

  11. Suggestion- I keep the usbc plugged into my trezor always and just use the usb in and out of my computer. I’ve heard peoples trezor having issues constantly jamming the usbc in and out of the device.

  12. Push harder. I had the same situation.

    Edit: I saw the cable was faulty. Sorry to hear

  13. Maybe check with sewing needle if there is dust or something stuck in the female end of the device? I need to clean mine regularly on other devices

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