hey guys, I bought this coin a couple of days ago for $300 and the next day it went up to $1500 but when I try to swap for ethereum this appears and it doesn't let me, what should I do??

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  2. Were you able to swap? I got left holding a memecoin bag because I missed the dump bus and was left without any liquidity behind the coin.

  3. 0xDa341532D0AcE0A75B739fa14Ffee1669831eC53

    Is this the token address?

    From what I can see the creator has set a sell tax of 94% which essentially robs anyone of their profit when they sell. A form of rug pull made to intentionally attract buyers and then take their money.

    If this is your coin, be aware of common crypto scams and rug pull tactics.

    If not, yeah increase slippage and gas limit? and have fun with the cash

    Edit : Yup I just looked at your etherscan and you are holding this coin. Sorry OP you got scammed. Welcome to shitcoin gambling.

  4. Google the coin and look at the ratings they’re sites dedicated to this stuff

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