Hello Reddit! We’re giving away ~500 Nano (~$500) AND sending some Nano to EVERY commenter. No strings attached!

As the title says, the Nano community is giving away Nano in this thread!

We'll send some Nano to anyone who comments their Nano address so you can try it for free with no strings attached. To get a Nano address, just get yourself a wallet:

  • Natrium.io (iOS | Android)

  • Cake Wallet (iOS | Android)

  • Nault.cc (Desktop)

It takes roughly one minute to set up, and it's all free.

After 24 hours we'll randomly select a commenter for the 500 Nano grand prize. Additionally, for those that like scavenger hunts, there's a puzzle hidden in this thread. Be the first to solve it, enter the seed phrase, and there's a 100 Nano prize waiting for you.

What is Nano?

Nano is a fixed supply digital currency that offers feeless and instant transactions on a secure, scalable and decentralized network. Here is an article on the basics of Nano. Because it's a global, feeless currency, we can send everyone some, and it will be in your wallet instantly (<1 second). If you have any questions I'd suggest coming over to r/nanocurrency, since this post will likely get too many replies for us to see your question.

Now post your nano_ address and get some free Nano!


Reddit hug of death killed the tip bot: working to get it re-enabled!


Bot should be sending Nano again, but it may not be able to post comments


Since the reply bot broke, here's the comment reply. The actual send should still be working for now

Learn more about Nano

  • Read this article for the basics.

  • Visit Nano.community for comprehensive information.

Try a faucet

  • NanoDrop sends some Nano instantly.

  • WeNano has location-based faucets all over the world.

Use Nano

  • Queue videos for others to watch or get paid to watch on CryptoVision.

  • Pay per prompt to access ChatGPT4, DALL·E 3 and more via Nano-GPT.

  • Easily develop with Nano using a Public Node (we're using one right now).

Ask questions

  • If you have any further questions, come on over to r/nanocurrency!

Random Nano fact: It takes ~133ms to circle the Earth at lightspeed. Nano transactions are fully confirmed in ~426ms.


Congrats to /u/sjakkpila for solving the 100 Nano puzzle!

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  1. The OP of this sponsored giveaway has burned 1,300 moons to host this giveaway.

    Transaction: https://nova.arbiscan.io/tx/0x474d12d2aff2641f4afac0f01a910f7ebe3a6fdda88fcdac2bb3550de11e6670

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    Super cool introduction to the Nano project! Thank you!

  4. Hook it up, nano should of taken off along time ago


  5. Is this fo real?? Dope


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    Awesome and appreciated! Enjoy your day!

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  8. Thanks for the 5 cents hopefully it’ll grow into something crazy 🤗🤪

  9. Thanks fam!



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    That’s Myne 👌👍👏✊
    Thankyou in advance
    A Crypto Bro.

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    Thanks to OP for thinking of a good way to introduce everyone to the most carbon efficient black chain on the planet. Their logo should be Captain Planet. Good luck everyone!

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