Hello Reddit! We are giving away 500,000 XPR (~$850) AND sending some XPR to EVERY commenter. No strings attached!

As the title says, we are giving away XPR in this thread!

We will send some XPR to anyone who comments their XPR Network address so you can try it for free with no strings attached. To get an XPR Network address, just get the WebAuth wallet.

It's completely free and acts like a hardware wallet to secure your keys. Sign transactions with Face ID, Touch ID, Yubi keys and more!

  • WebAuth on App Store (iOS)
  • WebAuth on Play Store (Android)
  • WebAuth in Browser (Desktop)

XPR Network wallet addresses are human readable names between 3-12 characters. The WebAuth wallet takes about a minute to set up and it's completely free.

After 24 hours we will randomly select a commenter for the 500,000 XPR prize.

What is XPR?

XPR is the native token for the XPR Network, a payments blockchain that offers feeless and instant transactions on a secure, scalable and decentralized network. Here is a review on the XPR Network by Milk Road Daily: https://milkroad.com/xpr-network

Because there are no gas fees on the XPR Network, we can easily send some XPR to everyone that replies!

IMPORTANT Make sure to include a $ symbol in front of your wallet name so it's easy for me to find like so $paul

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  1. XPR Network burned over 60,000 moons two months ago to sponsor the banner and this giveaway.

    The XPR DAO community governance poll to sponsor the banner and giveaway: https://gov.xprnetwork.org/communities/6/proposals/65a19cd4d178bea22c3ca764





  2. Original comment got hit by reddits filters, you can get the wallet here https://webauth.com and just reply in the comments with your new wallet name like this with a dollar sign in front so the script can read it properly:


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