Have You Stopped to Realize… The CEOs of the Two Largest Financial Institutions on the Planet (Blackrock + Vanguard) Are Now Arguing About Bitcoin?


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34 thoughts on “Have You Stopped to Realize… The CEOs of the Two Largest Financial Institutions on the Planet (Blackrock + Vanguard) Are Now Arguing About Bitcoin?”

  1. We really have come a long way.

    Link: https://x.com/DzambhalaHODL/status/1746593502484439405

  2. > have you stopped to realize

    No, but only because I don’t care what they think.

  3. Good take? Do you think Blackrock + Vanguard deciding how to fleece even more money from everyone else is a good thing?

  4. What I found interesting is a couple of months ago in some investment forums I frequent, many of the egg head investors refused to use the word Bitcoin. When it was climbing in value they would say the “b” thing or the “b” stock. I never attempted to orange pill them. I wonder what they call bitcoin now. 😄

  5. Vanguard thought Elizabeth Warren would save them. Probably have shorts opened up and refuse to help the pump.

  6. Mass adoption will only come when price manipulation ends. And that will never end because fucking whales control most of it. And there is nothing awe inspiring about that.

  7. Isn’t it weird that you can look at their pictures and just kind of guess who is on which side? What’s up with that?

  8. Bitcoin either is a scam, or it’s not.

    Bitcoin either is a legitimate asset, or it’s not.

    Bitcoin either is digital gold, or it’s not.

    Both of those men cannot be right. And indeed one or both of them may be lying. Either way, history will prove one of them wrong.

    The fact they cannot agree confirms Bitcoin remains a highly speculative, highly volatile asset. Nobody debates whether Apple is a good investment; nobody dismisses the reasoning for owning a Miami beachfront property.

    Bitcoin is either slowly going to effectively zero, or slowly going up, forever.

    The historical trend and current sentiment indicates the latter, but only a fool would entirely dismiss the former.

  9. Vanguard is not even close to one of the largest financial institutions. They manage a massive amount of money, but they take extremely low fees, so the company itself isn’t that big. Jack Bogle who pretty much invented index investing, died with a net worth around $100M. That’s obviously not a tiny amount, but for someone to start a firm at that scale, change the financial world, and not end up a billionaire is kind of shocking. The leaders of the real biggest financial firms are mostly billionaires, and most didn’t start their firms.

  10. It’s crazy how vanguard is supposedly anti bitcoin, and yet there a huge shareholder of Microstrategies!

  11. Almost scripted…lol just read the BIS papers if you want the truth. Shit was seeded peeps

  12. Vanguard is going to suffer greatly for this. Their ego just pissed away any involvement in a new sector of the economy that is clearly on the up and gave their competitors an edge they’ll likely never relinquish.

    History will entomb this failure as one of the greatest miscalculations in Wall Street history.

    Their CEO has apparently chosen this very hill to die on. I hope the bar at the funeral after party accepts BTC.

  13. Vanguard will eventually bend over and take their medicine too, like everyone has or is right now who tried to run from it. #BTC 👍😂🪙😎

  14. The business mistake Vanguard is making in not wanting to get involved is they will be forcing their loyal institutional customers to use other firms for their BTC allocations. Never force your customer to take their money elsewhere.

  15. Given how many people have been passionately into it for years, it’s amazing Bitcoin only recently received widescale recognition from intuitions and mainstream media as a legitimate opportunity for arguing.

  16. Maybe really they dont have access or listed as market participant in any of the approved EFTs, nobody wanted them,
    Now they just covering face saying we didn’t want to participate anyways… Give then a yr or two or even a month or two and the tune will be different, or not… Who cares.

  17. What’s crazy is considering them different companies many of the board members are the same and they own portions of each other right?

  18. You could also think of it as the two companies who already own or blackmail everything else everywhere are racing to see who can 51% attack BTC fastest and claim full control of it for themselves. Because it’s the most important cryptocurrency. Arguably the only important crypto currency. BTC is the core of all crypto.

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