Have I been scammed?

I recently opened a Metamask wallet. I was told my liveforexaution.net to contact the Metamask private key team so I can be able to transfer out BTC from my wallet to any other address in the public BTC network.

I was asked to pay $1800 for the Notice of Activation. I paid it obviously, then I was am being asked to pay a further $5500.

Is this right? Is this how the process works? Or have I been duped?

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  1. That’s a scam from the beginning

    There is no activation and the website is scam

    MetaMask doesn’t even support BTC

  2. You have been scammed. Do research before doing stupid stuff like this OP. Sorry for your loss, let it be a good lesson.

  3. Very obviously yes, if you have less than 2 braincells, you should stick to a centralized exchange. The only way you should interact with crypto is a coinbase account. Ensure you follow through all their security options. Stronk password.

    Your welcome, that will be 1 eth.

  4. yes totally, nothing about this is legit in any way/shape or form, you don’t buy private keys, etc, do some research before throwing money at things

  5. Meta Mask instead of MetaMask would already be a red flag for me lol. Lesson learned, OP.

  6. Yes, you’ve been scammed.

    But how exactly did you chance upon “liveforexaution . net”? Is it from some random stranger? And why do you decide to trust this site? Like what kind of research did you do before you go, “Hmmm this seems legit”.

  7. How the hell can you believe this kind of stuff.. if you are new, please inform yourself about what you are doing.

  8. >I was asked to pay $1800 for the Notice of Activation. I paid it obviously


  9. Creating wallets is 100% free, this is an obvious scam, next time you decide to throw away money just send it to me instead… I could really do with a few thousand dollars right now lolol

  10. Stranger told me if I threw my wallet down a drain a fairy would fill it up for me. So I did.
    It’s now full of shit. Have I been scammed?

  11. Nah jist gotta send them the 5500 so then thay can ask for 8500 next amd then they will ask for 15k and the 36k. Once you pay all thise they will ask for 50k and if you pay that then you get to pay 100k. All on the up and up. But now you owe me $2500 for my advice.

  12. WHY do people use those ridiculously obvious scam sites and listen to them? “Forex”? Really?

  13. “I was asked to pay $1800 for the Notice of Activation. I paid it obviously.” No way this is real

  14. you say you “paid it obviously” regarding the $1800, whyyyyy my dude you got scammed😭😭

  15. If a company uses the word kindly and then gives you instructions, assume it’s a scam. There were probably many more red flags beforehand though.

  16. Hey man, I’m sorry that happened. I might be able to get the funds back, and I’ll only charge ya $1 (just so theres an official transaction). Reply to this comment if ur interested and I’ll dm you

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