Have anyone seen this before?

I posted a few days ago asking a question about possibly losing my Bitcoin on r/Bitcoin with mixed results , most where just rude. So I just checked the post and it said it was private, I thought ok they made my thread private so I went to the sub and this happened.

This seems different to being banned which I have been banned before and I got removed I just thought it was strange .

4 thoughts on “Have anyone seen this before?”

  1. Don’t worry its not you…. https://news.sky.com/story/reddit-blackout-thousands-of-communities-are-doing-dark-today-heres-why-12899280

  2. It’s a Reddit blackout (boycott) https://reddit.com/r/apolloapp/comments/147a8xb/as_the_subreddit_blackout_begins_i_wanted_to_say/

  3. Would it be more effective to start working on a Reddit clone with a good UX.

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