Hard time with ADA staking rewards

I’m the only one that doesn’t know exactly how much ADA do you have in rewards? I hardly doubt it’s 1million ₳. I would appreciate any help to understand this

4 thoughts on “Hard time with ADA staking rewards”

  1. Less then 5% ROI yearly on you initial investment. So calculate with the amount of ada and the time it being staked. If you stsked 100ada 1 year you will get max 5 ada as a reward.

  2. Check Cardano explorer. All your answers are there.

    Or do a simple math. it’s 4.6% APY.

  3. I have only tried Yoroi in combination with a Ledger so far. Yoroi lists the exact amount of Ada that comes from rewards.

  4. Add your current stake account public address to Yoroi, you will have the details.

    Or put it there: https://beta.explorer.cardano.org

    Edit: after looking on my ledger app, you can divide the displayed rewards by 1000000.

    You have 1.5 ADA in rewards.

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