Guy realises someone is running a bot to copy every trade and bid he makes. He then proceeds to trick the bot into giving him 800 eth ($1.5m).

The first thought that pops into my mind is that even though this is legal, is this ethical? I do think so! It must be super annoying to have a bot copying your every blur bid or your other moves on the blockchain. It's also impossible for you to stop them from doing ao as the blockchain is transparent.

Through tricking the bot not only did they stop the bot from being able to afford copying his moves, but this also deters any other people who plan to run bots to copy trades etc to do it. They will always have this fear in their mind. The amount of bots that exist onchain are very annoying, so I say the bots owner deserved it.

The guy who outsmarted the bot –

49 thoughts on “Guy realises someone is running a bot to copy every trade and bid he makes. He then proceeds to trick the bot into giving him 800 eth ($1.5m).”

  1. risky to have bids up so high, could have had another bot dump into your bids before you could accept theirs lol if that makes sense

  2. Fuck me man, i don’t even know how to put my Moons to Liquidity pool 🤡 and meanwhile there are some intelligent people doing stuff like this

  3. Basing your trading algorithm off a human is a bad strategy….unless that human is in the US Congress.

  4. Lol who had 1.5 mil and thought they should just copy some guy for all their trades.

  5. Haven’t seen a lot of info on the specifics, but from what I can gather he “tricked” the bot into bidding on NFTs at values much higher than their floor price.

    He then sold them to the bot and apparently made 800eth

  6. Over a million dollars on a bot account. What could go wrong. I’d say it’s fair since using the bot comes with both the advantage and the liability.

  7. This sounds exactly how the storyline plays out in my dreams.

    But then in reality I end up handing over everything I have to the bot.

  8. That’s one way to take a byte outta crime. 😐

    Rust in peace Mr. Bot

  9. That guys Twitter just screams “fake and gay”. All he did was post a screenshot of gibberish and say he “got 800 eth”.

  10. Guy is smart, in my opinion it’s fine. Someone played a game and lost. If you don’t track your bot and allow yourself to lose that much money it’s on you

  11. Those who copy me are less bright than a bot and have far less than 800 ETH to lose.

  12. I’ve got a couple of avatars that I’d let go for just 1 ETH if any other bots are interested. It’d be a heckuva deal for you.

  13. How did he notice the copied trades in the first place, and how did he trick the bot? I only saw his quick Twitter post of “thanks”.

  14. When you think you’re smart but you realize you’re nowhere near smart enough to do this 😂

  15. Well done!

    Bitrue bots are that annoying. Every buy order is matched instantly slightly above mine. Unfortunately I don’t have the brains to trick them.

  16. I guess the bot owner learned an expensive lesson of not just copy someone’s else hard work

  17. I don’t get it. If the bot is bidding on the same NFTs he’s bidding on, how does he bid on NFTs he already owns?

  18. >Made 800 ETH

    >Shows picture of 12 NFTs with prices at 50$

    Press X for doubt.

  19. I stopped asking myself what’s legal or ethic in crypto a long time ago

  20. Bots make profit off of front running trades. If someone has a bot copying anyone then they’re idiots and are not using their bot to actually make money. Hence this post and why I say it’s BS

    Edit spelling

  21. Lol must be nice to be smart enough to do all that. I’d somehow think I’m tricking the bot while giving up my life savings lol

  22. welp, someone outsmarted the smarter. The human mind is still supreme. AI RIP

  23. I think the guy actually owns the bot.

    If not, IRS will be waiting for their taxes on that “gift”

  24. He is just trying to draw attention on himself, to sell a trading course or something. Is made up

  25. Part of me, doubts all this very much lol, usually the bots have some kind of threshold for trades and bids

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