Guess no sleep for Bitcoin Tonight

Guess we aren’t sleeping tonight guys, let’s go!

38 thoughts on “Guess no sleep for Bitcoin Tonight”

  1. Glad to see it break out instead of a third resistance at $30k since March or we’d all be singing a different tune. 🚀

  2. Imagine you wake up tomorrow, what’s the price of
    Bitcoin 400k?! Probably not but that would be wild right, shit i wouldn’t be shocked if we get to 40k.

  3. It’s really exciting. I was at the gym n checking to see how much $ I’m making on bitcoin bahaha

  4. Asian markets opened and we’re probably like WTF fuckin buy it while it’s hot boiz

  5. This feels so much like a manipulated pump and dump, there’s no reason for this sudden rally.

  6. Lord have mercy! I can’t do this anymore!

    Heading to the bank to take a personal loan.

    This’s just the beginning.

  7. I’m highly sceptical of this week’s pump as both the major breakout moves have come after the NYSE closed, which is historically when the most volume is traded. It seems almost deliberate for the moves to come outside of NYSE hours.

    Also billions of this pump have come on Binance’s spot FDUSD pair which is shady to say the least.

    I know this won’t be a popular thing to say as we all want NGU.

    I predict a massive dump is coming.

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