Go Smart Privacy, Go Sapphire: Confidential dApp building made easy

Since the turn of 2023, Oasis Network has been focusing on bringing the power of confidentiality to EVM. Sapphire is the industry's first-ever confidential EVM runtime and comes with several features that make it an instant hit among Solidity developers.

  • Confidential state, end-to-end encryption, confidential randomness
  • Easy integration with EVM-based dApps like DeFi, DAOs, web3 gaming and metaverse, NFTs, etc
  • Scalability with increased throughput of transactions
  • Low-cost with 99%+ cheaper gas fees compared to Ethereum

While the market bites its nail over alternating bear and bull positions with very big and small news in the crypto space fueling the volatility, Oasis has been developing its technology and products instead of mere token marketing.

So, on the sidelines of EthCC Paris, Oasis had their own special networking event on web3 privacy and its future. Styled as the Oasis Rendezvous, the event had a wide assortment of panel discussions with industry leaders like 1inch, Biconomy, Celer, Polygon ID, Stackup, Flashbots, and Snapshot Labs. Topics ranged from responsible AI to account abstraction to TEE/ZKP comparison and synergy to MEV attack prevention. The event also demonstrated Oasis technologies like Sapphire and OPL (Oasis Privacy Layer) with hands-on showcasing of applicability like confidential voting.

One of the biggest takeaways from the event was the definition of smart privacy and how Oasis Sapphire enables it. With the ability to deploy confidential smart contracts, Sapphire is the ideal building environment for Solidity developers looking to enter the world of web3 with next-gen privacy-focused dApps.


With smart privacy capabilities, the confidential Sapphire EVM has leveled up in terms of its confidential feature and functionalities on offer. Here is a brief overview of how Sapphire aims to disrupt web3 privacy and revolutionize it with assured data privacy and security for all users. The interoperable tool that Sapphire powers in the form of OPL is another game-changing solution as it empowers any EVM dApp to seamlessly leverage customizable privacy cross-chain.

Want to know more about what you can build with Sapphre and smart privacy? The potential use cases are limitless. Also, the Oasis Rendezvous event kickstarted the 8-week-long P4W3 (Privacy4Web3) hackathon in collaboration with Devpost where Solidity developers can showcase their smart privacy-enabled confidential dApps built naively on Sapphire. Go get going then. Get your dApps the smart privacy advantage and go the way of Sapphire!

2 thoughts on “Go Smart Privacy, Go Sapphire: Confidential dApp building made easy”

  1. Certainly I can’t wait to see what hackathonians will come up with while enabling Smart Privacy on their new dapps on Sapphire or already existing dApps on popular EVM chains thanks or the Oasis Privacy Layer.

    Which kind of dApps would you like to see using Smart Privacy? I would love some games for sure

  2. Great post! Oasis is one of the best hidden gems out there, constantly progressing and building. I’m super excited to see what the Hackathon is gonna bring.

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