Giving Away 100 Moons to Five Lucky Moon Week Voters. (500 Moons Total)

Did you know Moon Week is in swing and one of the biggest Moon Week Proposals regarding Moons and this sub is currently live? Well now you do!

CCIP-086: CCIP-086 – Proposal to abandon Marshall Islands incorporation for MOON DAO at least for some time

It might sound simple but there is a whole outline for how to proceed with Moons for the immediate future.

  1. Move forward without becoming a DAO at least for the first year due to cost.
  2. Set up a multisig wallet to be responsible for TheMoonDistributor Moons.
  3. Elect Multisig members.
  4. Continue burning all Moons spent on ecosystem activity as to not constitute a 'for profit' business enterprise.
  5. Review previous CCIPs regarding which to keep and which to depreciate.
  6. Set up a distribution of 33,333 Moons per 28 days based off Karma earned for 12 Moon Cycles.

Needless to say there is alot to familiarize yourself with!


To encourages users to particpate in Sub Governance mods will be giving away 100 Moons to five lucky voters (500 Moons Total).

It doesn't matter if you vote with 3 Moons or 100K as long as you vote you'll be eligible to win. (Mods not eligible).

Ohh and users who vote once again get a special showerhead flair to rock in the sub:

So what are you waiting for? Make sure to vote on the Moon Week poll linked above and familiarize yourself with the current CCIP.

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22 thoughts on “Giving Away 100 Moons to Five Lucky Moon Week Voters. (500 Moons Total)”

  1. Yeah guys! Don’t forget to vote with your 100 moons, it will surely make a change when others vote with millions πŸ™‚

  2. Daily is here:

    Link to vote for MoonWeek Governance is here:

  3. Done! I wish I still had my previous voting power πŸ₯Ή but glad distribution is restarting etc. Great work mods πŸ™‚

  4. Voted. It will not show though because I don’t have Moons in my vault

  5. I’d like to vote, but I don’t know how to connect to my wallet (I had some moons in my vault but I thought they were ‘gone’ when Reddit discontinued using them. I haven’t the faintest how to find them back (I do have my 12 words from when I set up the vault, though). Would be happy with a few pointers.

  6. Voted. Would really like to see us use banner burns for distribution though. I think we would get a lot more activity with larger distributions. Hopefully we can make this happen sooner rather than later. Thanks mods for all your hard work and dedication. None of this happens without you.

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