Getting emails to Enable KYC on my wallet to avoid suspension.

Is this a scam?
The domain it came from seems to have nothing to do with crypto.

9 thoughts on “Getting emails to Enable KYC on my wallet to avoid suspension.”

  1. The thing you need to keep in mind regarding Web3 is that you don’t give an email address. Think back? 🤔

    Nope, if MM want to inform you of something they can give you a notification within the wallet DAPP. Assume every email from MM is a scam. If they want to an ounce something they can on socials. If they want to contact you they can notify via the wallet.

    This is not financial advice just a little technological explanation of the world of Web3.

  2. It’s not only the fact that you didn’t give an email address. It’s the fact that the point of web3 in general is that you CANNOT be suspended/blacklisted/whatever.

    Sure, a contract or an RPC provider could blacklist transactions coming from you, but then you choose another RPC provider and they can’t

  3. I’ve had MM for so long I couldn’t remember if I did give an email address or not.

    I was 90% sure it was a scam.


  4. Fake. Metamask is NOT a custodian of your wallet, it’s an interface to use it on the blockchain

  5. Everything over email is a scam. Always.

    The exceptions to that rule are so exceedingly rare I don’t mind stating the above as proven law.

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