Get 50+ BWB Tokens from Bitget Wallet

Bitget Wallet Launches Ecosystem Token BWB with an Airdrop Points Program

Introduction of the BWB Token and Its Airdrop Initiative

According to the announcement, the total supply of BWB tokens is set at 1 billion, with a generous allocation of 5% dedicated to community airdrops. These airdrops will be distributed as BWB points, offering users the future opportunity to exchange points for actual BWB tokens. This strategic move aims to energize the community and boost participation.

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To earn tokens you need to follow the link and download the application on your device, enter the referral code zjMvCE and you will be credited your first 50 points, which can later be exchanged for BWB tokens.

To earn more, invite friends, swap tokens for every $100 you get 10 points, keep funds on deposit for every $500 you get 2 points.

Attention! To count the first 50 points you need to swap at least $100 within 3 days.

To swap economically watch out for fees and transfer funds in cheap networks such as poligon or optimism.

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