Funtico Unleashed: The Future of Blockchain Gaming and $TICO Tokenomics Revealed

Excited to share Funtico, a groundbreaking gaming platform unveiled at the Taipei Game Show! It's not just a game; it's an ecosystem designed for the modern gamer, filled with services, tech, and incredible games. Here's a sneak peek:

  • $TICO Tokenomics: Powering your gaming with epic rewards.
  • Expansive Ecosystem: Elevating every aspect of your gaming journey.
  • Vision & Roadmap: Our commitment to revolutionize blockchain gaming.
  • Summoner NFTs: Unlock exclusive rewards and amplify your experience.
  • Tournaments & Prize Pools: Compete for a share of $100,000+ USDT.
  • Innovative Games: “Heroes of the Citadel” and more exciting titles on the horizon.
  • Global Presence: Collaborating with top studios and partners worldwide.

Sign up early for exclusive rewards and join our vibrant community across social platforms. Ready to experience gaming like never before with Funtico?

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