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Went to swap $6000 in eth for usdt. was in the middle of the trade and got a phone call. was on the phone for a sec then went to complete trade and i didnt think it went through from the message on the screen. my $6000 is now gone. am i just screwed?

Update: Looked into the activities tab on uniswap and saw a suspicious transaction in the amount of Eth (1.97eth) i am missing. You can see i sent 3.96eth to my wallet, i then swapped 2eth for TRUMP token, i then swapped 1.97eth for usdt but somehow that eth just disappeared and was sent to this wallet instead 0x6980a47beE930a4584B09Ee79eBe46484FbDBDD0 which is apparently a MEV Bot. So idk how i managed to get scammed on Uniswap but i did out of almost $6k. Also that BIDEN token just randomly popped up in my wallet. i did not purchase it.

Transaction hash:


This has never happened to me on uniswap before. Thats messed up

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  2. This is the third time I’m seeing someone lose multiple eth after interacting with trump token on uniswap

  3. Seems like you swapped 13k USD to TRUMP.

    You should have a total of 4,754.852266921 TRUMP = $28,434.02 ( ~9.5049 Eth) on your wallet.

    Bellow all the transactions.

    Does this make sense or do you still think there are 6k missing?

    Please let me know if this helps.

    WALLET: 0xA8421aC159eb90D0d7Fa3085999C8B56B37673eD

    Transaction Hash #1: Wrap 1.97209 ETH (6k USD) into 1.97209 WETH

    Transaction Hash #2: Approved WETH For Trade On Uniswap ProtocoL (0x000000000022D473030F116dDEE9F6B43aC78BA3)

    Transaction Hash #3: Approved USDT For Trade On 0x69460570…25f0Ca22d

    Transaction Hash #4 SWAP TO USDT FAIL WITH ERROR [execution reverted]

    Transaction Hash #5: Approved USDT For Trade On Uniswap Protocol (0x000000000022D473030F116dDEE9F6B43aC78BA3)

    Transaction Hash #6 Swap 13,722.563751 USDT for 3,300.539654423 ($19,737.23 USD) TRUMP on Uniswap

    MAGA TRUMP TOKEN CONTRACT 0x576e2BeD8F7b46D34016198911Cdf9886f78bea7

    TOTAL TRUMP TOKEN on your wallet: 4,754.852266921 TRUMP = $28,434.02 ( ~9.5049 Eth)

  4. Well the bot belongs to this guy and he has retunred funds before so maybe contact him on twitter?


    You approved WETH for multichain in 2022 before its hack and you never revoked

    That was used and thats why its gone

    You absolutely should contact this guy on twitter it seems he pays back people when he frontruns scammers

  6. Hello I saw you post on uniswap about your missing eth
    I have a solution to this for you , I have being in this type of situation you are before but I got it resolved and have my missing eth funds back to my wallet

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