FTX Cold Wallet Actively Transferring Tokens. Till Now Transferred Over $10 Million Using Wormhole

On-chain data shows that an FTX cold wallet with the Solana address:


Has been transferring funds to Ethereum since August 31. The transfers, which have involved over $10 million in total assets, have been facilitated through the Wormhole bridge. The tokens being transferred include well-known names like LINK, SUSHI, LUNA, and YFI.

FTX Solana Address

You also check it out here: FTX Cold Storage #1 | Account 6b4aypBhH337qSzzkbeoHWzTLt4DjG2aG8GkrrTQJfQA | Solscan

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44 thoughts on “FTX Cold Wallet Actively Transferring Tokens. Till Now Transferred Over $10 Million Using Wormhole”

  1. FTX is moving a lot of tokens across chains. I wonder what they are planning to do with them. Maybe paying for witnesses?

  2. Probably paying witnesses?!

    Why their entire wallets including cold ones are not confiscated yet?! Weird.

  3. Give SBF access to the internet and the tech. Idiots.

    They stole before, why wouldn’t they steal again?

    Have they thought about giving this money back to their customers? Washing their name a little bit? no…

    I don’t even understand how is FTX allowed to exist at this point.

  4. I thought their wallets were confiscated. Welcome to decentralization mixed with collusion.

    This is a plus for blockchain, we can see everything happening. I imagine if these were bank accounts, we will have zero idea what was going down.

  5. I’m wondering if it has something to do with the recent news of Robinhood stepping in

  6. Sbf shouldn’t have acess to internet so he probably have someone outside working on washing these…still it’s stupid how these funds aren’t frozen by now

  7. Thanks for sharing this information. Monitoring these transactions can provide insights into market movements and trading activity.

  8. SBF could face (if convicted) from 115 to 155 years.

    So I’m glad he can never spend a cent of it.

    Maybe these are ex-employees or he’s moving funds around to friends and family?!

  9. So, is it safe to say they are stealing it again? or liquidating to cover expenses of law

  10. Bro wtf why didn’t authorities siezed all of their wallets already? This is an insult to the people who lost money on Ftx

  11. With so many in America with access to weapons, it’s an absolute shock bad things don’t happen to bad people like this. Stealing someone’s life savings does meaningful things to people.

  12. Not to create any fud or anything but I think CZ binance will be next in list
    These Market Makers are greedy money grabbers and will suck out liquidity from their users

    Idk what will they do with all this money? BLACK money (to be more precise)

  13. According to Arkham Intelligence, both FTX and Alameda Research still hold a boat load of funds and there is constant wallet activity in and out 🤷‍♂️



  14. SBF is such a sac of goat crap. Telling the judge he cannot read discovery without internet connected computer but it looks like every time he touches a computer someone else loses money. I hope he gets Bernie Madoffed and gets 1000 years in the clink. Then he wont have to worry about his ADHD and being depressed im sure someone will make him their bitch.

  15. Everyone assuming it’s SBF moving the funds, as far as we know it could be John Ray and current FTX management moving money?

  16. New to crypto in 2021. Researched, purchased and immediately transferred to hardware wallet. Before beginning, I created an email address that was crypto only use. The only emails came when I purchased or wire transferred. Clean and secure. THEN …

    Then FTX collapsed and people were saying “move your crypto!” No when I logged on people were saying, “do not go to FTX they have been hacked!“ I don’t know why I did. I was 99.999% certain I had no crypto or funds sitting on FTX.

    Ever since then, my inbox, actually, my spam folder, fills up with crap from sources. I’ve never accessed nor heard of. Garbage saying you are about to lose your funds on XYZ wallet, or some other wallet.

    It’s infuriating. I am downcast at this point re Bitcoin. I have been an active trader since 2008. I have followed crupto, off and on, since it launched. But with the nations creating a CBDCs and programmable at that, I have doubts about bitcoin’s future.

    Probably those in other countries will operate with freedom. It appears the “Richmond north of Richmond” don’t want those in the US to have that freedom. Don’t shout me down when I’m preaching. ‘’good ’.

    It does not matter what side of the fence you’re sitting, you know it’s true. The SEC and practically everyone in government are so corrupt? I had high hopes for Gary Gensler.

  17. I’m burnt out on all the FTX stuff.. they’re crooks, what do you expect at this point?

  18. Whats a wormhole? Is it something like a mixer? If we can see this, I’m pretty sure the courts can too. He’s just digging his grave deeper at this point.

  19. This is nothing. Whatever happened to that 500 million that was conveniently “stolen” right when they had to file for bankruptcy??

  20. SBF, now stolen even more money compared to when he weren’t arrested and imprisoned. Congratulations to the court, and the defenders of people’s rights!

  21. How is the case against SBF still going on, crazy how many lifes he ruined and he hasn’t suffered the consequences..

  22. Who is the one actively doing the transfer?
    The government? Or is it one of the employee at FTX? Because base on the news, SBF, gary wang and the little chick has been locked away. No?

  23. The SEC is too busy attacking innocent projects to act on this information, it wants to ruin the crypto world but it makes no sense because if they are adopted in a good way, everyone can rejoice

  24. Oh it’s the time of the month again already? what time you ask!
    Oh just the monthly SBF theft-a-thon sponsored by FTX and Alameda 😀

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