Friend sent me btc at a horrible fee…

My friend sent me around $800 in btc to my cashapp wallet from private wallet. I did research and saw this wallet is very bad. We cant do RBF or CPFP. The fee is 5.4sat/vb. Which right now will take a long time to confirm. I saw i can use viabtc transaction paid accelerator for a $50 fee but I'm not sure if that will even work. Im not sure what to do and would like someone else opinion. Im not even sure if it will get purged after 2 weeks because of may rebroadcast it. The TX is below.

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  1. you can try to RBF even if transaction marked as nonrbf because many nodes and miners support fullRBF nowadays which basically means that you can always RBF. Could need a few rebroadcasts but should go through eventually.

  2. Sundays are slow days, so wait a bit. Your transaction will eventually confirm so long as your “friend” doesn’t double spend the money they sent you. You will eventually get it.

    You can use the viaBTC transaction paid accelerator, they’re a miner so they can add your transaction to the next block they mine.


    You could ask you “friend” to RBF the transaction send you $790, and pay a $10 fee.

    But the Core Developers – the money engineers – believe your pain is a necessary cost to keep Bitcoin from ending the moment (add Monty Python voice) one more wafer thin transaction is added to a block causing an irreversible cascade of transaction growth that centralized bitcoin in the hands of the central planners.

  3. Was the amount sent expected to represent a specific amount of fiat?
    If so, I hope you don’t take a loss do to your friend’s incompetence.

  4. If you have the private key to receiving address, why can’t you do a CPFP?

    Even if your wallet won’t allow for it, import it into another wallet.

    Optionally, here is an a tool (it will work offlline) that will let you set the tx fee. It should work fine with unconfirmed inputs, so you can do a CPFP:

  5. If you import your key into Core You can just cancel the transaction and start an other one with proper fee.
    You can also try to bump the fee (child pays for parent). It depends on wallet, I think cashapp is likely a no go.

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